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Learning Pathways

Robotics at Aura School

Robotics training is provided in association with Think Labs, A world class robotic education provider for school. The Robotics club in the school won the national prize in National Robotics Championship conducted at IIT Bombay in 2013 and secured runners up in the Robofiesta in 2014 held at IIM Ahmadabad.

Music and Dance

Learning in AURA is integrated with multiple hobbies a student could pursue. Students can opt for Indian and Western Music, Bharathanatyam and other performing arts. Children get vivid opportunities for their creative expression in the learning pathways.


‘Arogyenabinapumsamjeevitam vyarthamevahi’ holistic wealth is taken care of with Yoga training in the school children who are to the harmony of body and minds have the option for Yoga Training.

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